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1395AR The team has taken part in the making and revising of ISO/TC100 international chain & sprocket regular a number of a long time in achievement and hosted the 16th ISO/TC100 replacement of Intercontinental yearly meeting in 2004. industrial comp1nts such as roller chain & sprockets. Roller chain & sprockets are offered in normal, nickel plated & stainless metal materials in pitch dia. ranging from 1/four in. to 3 in. Varieties incorporate leaf chain & sprockets in lacing configurations ranging from 2 x 2 to 8 x 8. Leaf chain & sprockets are obtainable in pitch sizes ranging from one/2 in. to 2 in., pin dia. ranging from .156 in. to .687 in. &10sile strengths ranging from 4,000 lbs. to 156,000 lbs. Applications consist of agricultural, conveyors, drilling, electronics assembly, meals processing, fork carry vehicles, hoists, packaging & textile machinery.attract bench chain & sprocket is created for gradual-moving apps that demand an extremely substantial strength chain & sprocket. Our 1395AR draw bench chain & sprocket is manufactured utilizing the optimum quality hardened alloy metal areas and comp1nts that are made to substantial-precision tolerances for the very best overall performance and extended-term durability. It is produced to business normal Engineer Class Chain & Sprocket proportions so it directly interchanges with other brand names. We also source a entire line of 1395AR chain & sprocket sprockets as nicely as custom made fixtures/ attachments that are supplied on the chain & sprocket on requests. For far more details or to get a quote you should make contact with us and we will be pleased to assist you.

1395AR Chain & Sprocket Dimensions

  • Chain & Sprocket Dimensions: 1395AR
  • Sidebar Design: E
  • Pitch (Po): 9.750″
  • Pitch (Pi): five.000″
  • Inner Width (W): four.375″
  • Plate H8 (H): 4.five hundred”
  • Internal Plate Thickness (T2): 1.625″
  • Outer Plate Thickness (T1): one.000″
  • Pin Diameter (D): two.a hundred ninety”
  • Pin Length (L): 6.five hundred”
  • Average Final Toughness: 1,000,000 LBS
  • Chain & Sprocket W8: 68.40 Draw Bench Chain With High Quality Cheap sales price near me shop factory supplier manufacturer best Cost Custom “>