Steel  Cost  China Reliable Durable Stock Bore Platewheels(K) 180 Chain Sprockets for Transmission

Detail Information

Roller Chain Sprocket – Japan Standard Series – 180 roller chain sprocket dimensions

Ansi Roller Chain Sprockets Specifications

Tooth Width  33.0 Chain Pitch 57.15
Hub Configuration B Roller Dia 35.72
InteManufacturer of standard and custom roller chains. Suitable for aging, stress relieving, heat treating and powder coating applications. Aerospace, automotive, military, energy, composite, pharmaceutical and various other industries served. Turnkey systems integration and most items available in stock.rnal Width 35.71 Chain Number 180
Number of Teeth 10-80 Number of Chain Rows 1-2-3
Hardened Teeth Up to customer
Black Oxide Up to customer Stock Bore Platewheels
Bore Type Stock Bore
Min bore size 45

Product Information


* Standard sprockets

* Customized sprockets


Quality Assurance:

ISO9001: 2015 and
GB/T24001-2016 / ISO14001: 2015.


High quality

√Corrosion resistance

√Durable, Robust and
ROur main products are chain , gears, sprocket, Needle Roller bearings, Cylindrical Roller Bearings, Rod end Bearings, Spherical plain bearings, Track roller Bearings for Guideway, Roller Bearings, Combine Bearings for forklifts, Water Pump Bearings, SNR Auto Bearings and all kinds of Spherical Bearings. eliable

√Bad condition

√Lower weight–high

Adapted to

√roller chains based on the requirements
of ISO/R 606

√all sprockets with pilot bore

√available with type A platewheels,simplex
roller chain

√sprockets,duplex roller chain
sprockets,triplex roller chain sprockets,four strand roller chain sprocket

√material used for chain sprocket carbon steel

√ heat treatment and special surface treatments
are available on request:

black oxide sprocket with teeth hard


√Surface treatment

√Hardened teeth

√Serious quality control


Application industries:


√Building Material
√Oil and Gas

√Technology and Science