China Sprocket & Chain # BS65-1J, BS65-1 5/8

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BS Our large inventory levels on zinc plated, solid steel shaft collars assure prompt satisfaction of any size requirement. Unplated, black-oxide and stainless steel solid collars are readily available. Black-oxide steel clamp type collars are similarly stocked for unbeatable service. Mounted bearing and linear bearing orders are regularly shipped within 24 hours and our turn-around time on cut-to-length linear shafting will exceed your expectations.Series Cam Clutch products are designed to provide inner race overrunning capability in1direction of operation, and engage the outer race when reverse rotation is experienced. BS Series units are often found on incline conveyor systems, or pump systems that may experience reverse rotation due to excessive loading on the discharge side of the pump. BS Series Cam Clutches are a cam and roller design incorporating the low friction bearing into the cam cage.

A complete Cam Clutch assembly typically includes the Cam Clutch, torque arm, shaft key, shaft end plate, and safety cover or oil reservoir. The shaft key is included with the Cam Clutch but please select each additional item individually as needed. Grease lubrication is standard for BS30 through BS350 Cam Clutches.

Unit of Measure



Torque Capacity

1158.0 lb·ft1570.0 N·m

Inner Race Max. Overrunning Speed

340 rpm

Drag Torque

2.891 lb·ft3.92 N·m

A (Overall Length)

3.543 in90.00 mm

B (Diameter)

6.299 in160.00 mm

C (Inside Width)

3.346 in85.00 mm

D (Bolt Circle Diameter)

5.512 in140.00 mm

E (Inner Race O.D.)

3.543 in90.00 mm

S (Thread Depth)

0.787 in20.00 mm

H-M (Size x Pitch No. of Tapped Holes, Qt.)

M10 x P1.5 (6)

Weight (Approx.)

28.600 lb13.000 kg

China Sprocket & Chain # BS65-1J, BS65-1 5/8

China Sprocket & Chain # BS65-1J, BS65-1 5/8

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