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2218 At any time-Energy Team CO., LTD. IS Professional IN Generating ALL Sorts OF MECHANICAL TRANSMISSION AND HYDRAULIC TRANSMISSION LIKE: PLANETARY GEARBOXES, WORM REDUCERS, IN-LINE HELICAL Equipment Speed REDUCERS, PARALLEL SHAFT HELICAL Equipment REDUCERS, HELICAL BEVEL REDUCERS, HELICAL WORM Gear REDUCERS, AGRICULTURAL GEARBOXES, TRACTOR GEARBOXES, Car GEARBOXES, PTO Generate SHAFTS, Unique REDUCER & Connected Gear Elements AND OTHER Related Products, SPROCKETS, HYDRAULIC Technique, VACCUM PUMPS, FLUID COUPLING, Equipment RACKS, CHAINS, TIMING PULLEYS, UDL Speed VARIATORS, V PULLEYS, HYDRAULIC CYLINDER, Gear PUMPS, SCREW AIR COMPRESSORS, SHAFT COLLARS Lower BACKLASH WORM REDUCERS AND pto shaft, agricultural gearboxes SO ON. industrial comp1nts which includes roller chain & sprockets. Roller chain & sprockets are obtainable in standard, nickel plated & stainless steel resources in pitch dia. ranging from one/four in. to 3 in. Varieties consist of leaf chain & sprockets in lacing configurations ranging from 2 x 2 to eight x eight. Leaf chain & sprockets are offered in pitch measurements ranging from 1/two in. to two in., pin dia. ranging from .156 in. to .687 in. &10sile strengths ranging from 4,000 lbs. to 156,000 lbs. Apps incorporate agricultural, conveyors, drilling, electronics assembly, meals processing, fork elevate vans, hoists, packaging & textile equipment.conversion base is made to transform 224 to 182 frame electric motors. Continuous improvements created in technology and methodology as led electrical motor manufactures to have the capability of generating a lot more effective motors with much more horsepower packed into a more compact frame size. When the circumstance comes up the place its time to substitute an old motor to a new 1 with a more compact type issue Instead of possessing to purchase a whole new mount using a 224 to 182 adapting fixture will save m1y and problem with no degrading the prior motor mount capabilities or efficiency. Put in Instance Drawing:These conversion bases/ fixtures are created from substantial-strength metal. Make sure you observe that these are not created for wall or ceiling software (make contact with us if that application is essential). We also offer a entire line of high quality electric powered motors, gear reducers, pulleys, v-belts, roller chain & sprockets, and sprockets. For much more details or to get a quote on 224 to 182 conversion base remember to get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you!

224 to 182 Motor Body Conversion Foundation Proportions

  • Portion #: 224-182-2218
  • Former NEMA Body Measurement: 224
  • New NEMA Body Dimensions: 182
  • O.A. H8: one”
  • Dimension (A): 1-one/two”
  • Dimension (B): 6-three/four”
  • Dimension (C): seven-1/2″
  • Dimension (D): 4-1/2″
  • Dimension (E): five-1/2″
  • Dimension (F): three/four”
  • Dimension (G): 3/4″
  • Dimension (H): 1/two”
  • Dimension (K): 2-three/8″
  • Dimension (L): 10-one/four”
  • Dimension (M): 4-one/two”
  • Dimension (N): thirteen/32″
  • Dimension (P): 3/8 – 16 2218 Conversion Base With High Quality Cheap sales price near me shop factory supplier manufacturer best Cost Custom “>

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